The Coronavirus Is Helping to Contain the Spread of K-Pop Band BTS

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Thanks to the coronavirus, the world had a little less BTS in their lives. | Credit: JStone /

  • BTS was forced to live in a world press conference because of the risk of infection
  • What is worse plague.? Coronavirus, or BTS
  • coronavirus is an antidote to K-pop.

    One of the disastrous plagues to leave East Asia has been stopped cold by the coronavirus. BTS, cringiest k-pop company in the world, was forced to Livestream his global news conference via YouTube, after the threat of coronavirus.

    According to a press release blockbuster animation management for the phenomenon k-pop -a wheel world press to celebrate the release of the new album BTS has been relegated to a YouTube Livestream. The announcement, issued February 24, reads:

    "Because of the spread of the coronavirus, Big Hit has decided to proceed with the 'Press Conference Global BTS' only through YouTube Livestream without inviting press in place, as a measure to mitigate the risks. "

    little success followed the advice of the government of Korea of ​​the South, echoing the policy of refraining from performing eventos'con one . huge number of participants'

    topics highly successful press release, telling fans to stay away from the press BTS because of the coronavirus threat | Source: Twitter

    Instead, BTS held the press conference at such an empty room as his musical repertoire

    Here's a video of the boys, who, without the cries of a thousand issue the fan. 7 towels soaked charisma

    For those of you who do not want to lose an hour of your life, I can summarize your live broadcast as follows :.

    The BTS guys take turns shouting their new album meekly before answering the questions previously evaluated by the world press.

    then talk about the album, which, apart from a few songs of love-detailing the difficulties of becoming a multi-million dollar boyband

    So relatable

    BTS: .. Map of the Soulless: 7

    wheel promoted last press release of the band 'Map of Alma :. 7 '

    album, unlike its name suggests, is a rather impersonal self-aggrandizement example of everything wrong with modern music. all genres of popular music literally puts in a 74-minute collection of love songs, intertwined with the boys occasionally patting themselves on the back for "what is".

    The album distills the corporate message of 'love sells', and is aimed at a demographic with its overwhelmingly vague ambiguous lyrics. Here is just one example of the song "boy with affection."

    "How is your day Oh, tell me (oh yah Oh yah, oh yah oh yah) Oh Send SMS (oh yah Oh yah, oh yah oh yah)"

    Map of the soul:. 7 sounds like it was taking the example of satirical take Bo Burnham in every pop song ever

    a 'repeat things,' a seminal caricature of the modern pop, Burnham rightly dismantles corporately controlled pop music.

    Oh girl, hope you do not think I'm rude when I say I want to boo also hope that does not see through this ploy cleverly constructed Designed by a team of marketing Collection at puberty and low self-esteem and girls desperate need to feel loved

    Now, on one side by side comparison case letters from BTS 'inner child'.

    "Tonight If I touch my hand over hers can you expect hand? I'll be you

    You just have to look at my galaxies showered with all those stars'll give my world "

    The case in question.

    Coronavirus 'Silver Lining

    BTS' relegated press conference is undoubtedly the most beneficial element to emerge from the coronavirus as the recent rally in gold.

    The decision to exclude the press and BTS devotees attending the conference hitting two birds with one stone. Not only minimize the spread of disease meaningless, but also reduces the chances that the proliferation of coronavirus in South Korea.

    Heavy sarcasm aside, it was a wise choice of football in the press conference.

    cases of the new coronavirus have rocked South Korea. According to data from the Johns Hopkins CSSE, infection count exceeds country and 830 cases coronavirus infections confirmed South Korean exceed 800. | Source: Data from the Johns Hopkins

    BTS: inopportune piglets

    At the top of the press conference, BTS has to replan the entire tour

    A whole armada K-Pop acts. It has been forced to cancel or postpone trips as a result of the growing threat coronavirus.

    is a good start, and maybe one day we will find a cure for the BTS fandom. Until then, at least we can have the coronavirus to maintain K-pop band in the bay.

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