Dow Futures Plummet as Coronavirus Forces Shock Apple Announcement

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The Dow fell Monday after Apple surprised investors with a coronavirus related downgrade its revenue forecast. | Credit: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Getty Images / AFP

  • Apple surprised investors in the stock market on Monday as it cut its revenue forecast amid the coronavirus Crisis
  • Dow fell after the note was released. , As investors prepare for more sales of other US companies with exposure to China.
  • A new CDC report says China several disturbing facts about the epidemic.

    The Dow fell more than 100 points on Monday. The decline came after Apple said it would not be able to hit its revenue guidance due to the impact of the coronavirus. The downward movement occurred in the illiquid as the stock market was closed to observe Presidents Day.

    Stock Futures Plunge market after changes Apple Your Income Guidance Amid China Slowdown

    All three indexes futures markets US securities fell after Apple pump. The Nasdaq to the head with a 0.9% drop. The Dow Jones and S & P 500 were stronger, but both fell around 0.4% The Dow fell after Apple cut its revenue forecast because of the impact of the coronavirus in China. | Source: Yahoo Finance

    On the occasion of the aversion to risk movement, the price of gold rallied 0.2%, while the safe haven Japanese yen also gained

    AAPL in fights Chain Risk Global supply .

    Update revenue Apple shock came in the afternoon after the Dow had been trending sideways in pause mode for most of the day.

    Given the substantial impact of the coronavirus, the technology giant $ 1.4 zillion said that things in China do not go as well as expected. The following excerpt probable futures moved the stock market

    We are experiencing a slower return to normal conditions than we anticipated. As a result, we do not expect to meet the income guidelines we have provided for the March quarter due to two main factors.

    Wall Street has looked very accommodating to the risks of a significant slowdown in the global economy, despite a lot of visual and statistical evidence to the contrary.

    The Baltic Dry Index (a popular indicator of business) has collapsed, nations have forecast GDP cut, and airlines have changed either routes or stopped flying to China in full . Font-Twitter

    Caixin reports new alarming coronavirus fatality statistics

    mala additional news was seen on Monday as an innovative CDC report China found that infections among medical personnel were the twice the reported statistics. The analysis also occurred at minimizing the danger of the coronavirus, as it is fatal to 49% of patients once they reach critical condition.

    For many commentators bearish Apple release and fall back in the Dow have once seemed unavoidable reality imposed by a rich market liquidity values. Font-Twitter

    Bulls have been enjoying stimulus from the Federal Reserve and emergency levels of support from the PBOC in China. This has helped to protect the markets of the health crisis in the economy and beyond the second largest in the world.

    Apple is unlikely to be the only company adjusting its revenue

    Looking in more detail in Apple's explanation for the change in orientation the note explains,

    iPhone worldwide supply will be temporarily limited ... these shortages in the supply of iPhone may temporarily affect revenues worldwide.

    In addition, and perhaps more worrying is the fact that demand in general is fragile. While Apple recognizes its stores have opened, lack of foot traffic is a problem, since the orientation states

    The demand for our products in China has been affected. All our stores in China and many of our partner stores have closed. In addition, stores that are open have been operating on reduced hours and very low traffic to the client.

    Such ominous fall in demand has now made it inevitable that other companies will also have to adjust the orientation. Tesla has recently recognized the risks of the positions of coronavirus their business, so

    The impact on Dow and Nasdaq futures was as remarkable as Apple. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has made a considerable part of the recent stock market rally.

    One of the top performers in the Dow Jones this year (+ 11%) and newly minted as its heaviest weight, investors have been singing praises Apple for months. Now it seems, however, that the most valuable company in the world still is not immune to the effects of the coronavirus.

    The Dow Jones now faces a difficult week

    Dow bulls have withstood its first major test of what the next few weeks of negotiations might have in store for them. And with highs in the three major stock indexes last month, the possibility of a significant reversal just increased substantially.

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