Thank God ‘Math Guy’ Andrew Yang Is Finally Gone

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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has officially retired out of the presidential race of 2020 | Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / AFP

  • Andrew Yang withdrew from the presidential race Tuesday night. It was polling at 2.8% in the New Hampshire primary with 65% reporting.
  • Yang told his followers: "You know I'm the kind of math." But that is a dubious proposition. "Freedom dividend" not square.
  • Therefore, it is good to see the Democratic candidate for president to recognize the mathematical reality for once. Where will his followers?

    Andrew Yang was never going to be the Democratic candidate. He is an interesting candidate to be sure. Yang also has a strong presence on stage, and warm, friendly atmosphere. But its two main shticks campaign warning about AI and universal basic income "Freedom of dividends" were seriously cynical tricks.

    It was a presidential candidate running on a campaign of voters handing out free money. It is such an effective parody of all politics, Andrew Yang 2020 could have been the satirical performance from start to finish.

    Yang's campaign was like what is expected of the democratic candidate of a world as it is portrayed in the 2006 film Selected quotes from the movie "Idiocracy."

    I have a lot of money too.

    Oh, I like money. Yes!

    I can not believe you like money too.

    Andrew Yang Can Do Math

    While Andrew Yang presented as a mathematical genius, his plan for universal basic income "Dividend Freedom" hardly adds. Here's your basic income plan:

    Andrew implement the Dividendo Libertad, a universal basic income of $ 1,000 / month, $ 12,000 a year for every American adult over the age of 18. This is independent of one's own work situation or any other factor.

    There are about 200 million adults living in the United States.

    Give each of them $ 12,000 a year would cost the US Treasury a number that Google search is broken is built into the calculator: (This is $ 2.4 trillion) Source: Google

    Andrew Yang increased federal spending of $ 2.4 trillion is proposed. Do not let your charm and aw behavior pods fool you. Yang's budget would destroy the US economy. federal budget more than $ 1 trillion in the red was in 2019.

    The national debt is more than $ 23 trillion. Yang said basic income would grow the economy, but it would slow the economy. It was financed with taxes strangling economic growth. These include a 10% VAT, which would complicate the tax system and increase the tax burden at all levels of the economy.

    He also would have raised taxes on financial transactions and capital gains. So people stop taking the financial risk to invest in growing companies.

    The Dividendo Freedom is bad math, bad citizenship, and a bad economy.

    Yang actually trivialized EA

    Another trick Campaign Andrew Yang was also a cynical ploy: spread fear of technology. Every good campaign needs a scapegoat to rally voters against. Donald Trump was for foreigners taking our jobs.

    For Andrew Yang's computers and robots taking our jobs. But Yang actually trivializes the power and danger of bird flu while posing as a candidate to raise the alarm.

    As the price behavior of digital computing grows exponentially, Elon Musk says that artificial intelligence is a force of nature that will soon be out of our control.

    But so far, every year and decade computing power and have advanced AI, the benefit resulting from mankind has been overwhelming. For each work position displaced by the information revolution, new jobs are possible. And a huge value is created.

    But if the AI ​​turns out to be the cause of human extinction when it reaches a critical mass, as in "Terminator" or "The Matrix", would cut through "freedom of dividends" Andrew Yang like a hot knife through the butter. You can not fight the robots with taxes.

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